Customer Service: Monday to Friday 10AM-6PM EST

Customer Service:
Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM EST

Choose Your Size

We offer small, medium, large and very large pieces of art- hence the name- Big Ass Art. We want you to get exactly the size you need and remember that almost every image can be customized for your wall. In other words, the sizes listed are considered standard sizes but we can make almost any image in any size.

The most important thing to do is measure. Here are the steps for a photoshop mock up.

1.Measure the width of your wall and the height of your wall.

2. Take a picture of your wall standing as far back as possible and as straight onto the wall as possible.

3. Pick the titles you’d like to see in the mock ups.

4. Email the picture and the measurements to

We’ll do a photoshop mock up of the piece (or pieces) you’re interested in. With your measurements we’ll be able to very accurately show you what the art will look like on your wall. If you want an exact mockup, tape out the size you want with blue painters tape, then take the picture and email it to us.

Here are some tips to help with sizing- 60″ wide art works best over queen beds. If your headboard is tall you will probably need a panoramic shaped piece. 72″ wide art works best over king beds. Again, if your headboard is tall you might need a panoramic shape. Large walls without a piece of furniture typically look best with a rectangular shaped piece of art. Large walls with furniture, such as a couch, console table, or bench often look best with a panoramic piece. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry! We are here to help you get the exact size you need.

We are not a giant warehouse filled with cheap, pre-made art. We are a small company based in the USA that hand makes and inspects each piece. Every item is custom made as it is ordered so therefore we do not take returns. You can exchange a piece for a 20% restocking fee but this should never be necessary when doing mock ups. We want you to get the perfect piece of art and we’re here to help you do that.

For corporate and wholesale clients please email for pricing and minimum orders.

Here are some examples of mock ups we’ve done for our clients. If you need assistance with this, please email or call us before purchasing your piece.